2008 SE for sale

950R SE Bikes and Bits for Sale! If you find it post it. Need something for your SE Just ask :)

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2008 SE for sale

Post by Jon Bont » Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:07 pm


I’m regrettably selling my SE. One hell of a machine and after five GS’s was like getting onto the millennium falcon!

So. Spec is:

’08 bike
15,300 miles
Rally Raid Designs Fairing
Rally Raid Nav Tower
12v Aux Socket
Spare fibreglass Rally front fairing from PerfectFairings.com
HID high and low beam
GPR Adjustable Steering damper (needed!)
Fork air bleeders anodised orange
30 litre Aqualine Safari Tank
Standard tank supplied
New Renthal R/C high bars
Folding mirrors
KTM four stage heated grips
Twin Akras with baffles
Plastic frame protectors
Spare seat
Two KTM Gobi Panniers
Converted 950 Adventure pannier frames and spacers
KTM Gobi top box with fitting plate
Two canvas KTM panniers (no frames sorry)
GIT Rally Bash Plate
GIT Rear Rack
KTM small rack
Additional 21”front and 19” rear wheels if you want off road tyres at the ready
Sundry (bling) items including orange anodised clutch cover, Cycra hand guards and KTM standard guards and front pads.

The bike has been well serviced and since in my ownership has received an oil change and filters. I just haven’t done the mileage I was intending to due to the arrival of my daughter, self-employment and needing a hernia op. The KTM bag with books and tool kit comes with the bike.

After years of rallying an X Challenge in the BBRC, I’ve just lost interest in rallying and the time required to do it and ashamed to say I haven't done a single event on the bike since owning it! It’s not long MOT’d. Have just done a few hundred miles on it and hasn’t missed a beat. Plenty of chain and sprocket life. No water pump issues.

Condition wise, there is a bit of corrosion on the exhaust pipes below the silencers. Nothing to get excited about. There are cracks in the gel coat on the centre fairing. It’s never bothered me and structurally it is fine. A new panel from Rally Raid is silly money, so if it bothers you, finding someone handy with marine gel coat will sort it, thick black wrap or a sticker. Note that additional mint fairing is supplied.

Wheel spokes are typical KTM. A bit of surface rust. One set of wheels is better than the other.

I’m being as accurate and honest as I don’t enjoy punters turning up and picking holes. These are minor irritations in what is a spankingly well kitted out machine.

It’s on private plate at the moment which is being removed. Will be back on its ’08 reg shortly. Registered May ’08.

Price: open to sensible offers based on a fairly standard bike with panniers selling for £7300 recently and £12k tops for Erzbergs.

I’m in no rush to sell, so drop me an e-mail at camnesa@icloud.com or PM with queries and a landline if you want me to call you back. I’m waiting for the plate to come back from DVLA and a rear seat fairing to arrive. Not drilling holes in the original for the pannier fittings at £110 a pop, so a standard orange unit will be fitted with the panniers in place and the original comes separately with the bike.

First dibs on here before eBay.

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