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Another Georgia USA hare scramble.. :)

Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 2:03 am
by SpeedyR
Well another hare scramble in the books. Had a great time at the last one or two (or three) and thought I'd give it another go. In spite of posting everywhere trying to drum up riders for the ADV class, it was slim pickings again this time. Only three of us. Myself on my KTM 950 Super Enduro, another guy from ADV on a KLR650 (he also has a 450 but thought it would be fun for a first time to race his 650), and another guy I didn't know on a Honda XR650. Turns out he works in a local (ATL) shop and is a 35+ A hare scramble rider. lol. But it was still fun. Another guy from ADV came up on his XT225 and raced with us, and because of the rows we started on, he started with us (I think there were maybe 3 classes on the same row). I got a decent start in spite of missing my shift into second but the 950 can pull a bit of a hole shot if you are willing to leave it open (I"m not). but then there were 5 or 6 jumps and some whoops to run before we got into the woods. I knew the other guy on the XR was going to beat all of us when he went by me (about head high) over one of the doubles that I rolled. ok, I rolled all of the jumps for the most part. Jumping isn't part of the 950's repetoir if you ask me. At least not with my skill level.

I ended up doing 4 laps, about 2 hours and i was pretty done. first lap is just trying to get into the groove and remembering that 2nd gear is your friend. second lap is smooth and having fun now. third lap was the start of a few arm cramps and trying to be smooth and steady. fourth lap was just kind of survival for me but rode thru it and started to have some fun towards the end again. My GoPro only lasted about 2 laps so I didn't get much good video but enough to post up something. I passed a few folks, didn't get passed too often (leaders went by me the fourth lap at a good clip and I got passed when I fell over (yes it's in the video)) but other than that I did a lot of solo riding. The trails wind around a lot so you hear lots of other bikes in the video but most were on other trails. The guy on the XT225 rode behind and in front of me quite a bit so you hear him. He stopped once or twice to help others and crashed on a jump but still did great. I was impressed with his performance as well as the guy on the KLR as he didn't come in that far behind me, so he was running a good pace, especially for a KLR!! :)

We hung out for a while afterwards for our trophies, and had a good time laughing about the course. Nothing too hard, but a few sections that kept you on your feet. if you have any interest in racing or just having a good time, I can highly recommend the highland park hare scrambles. The courses are fun, plenty of easy passing opportunities, no log jam sections, and just a really good way to get your feet wet. And Paul lets us race in the ADV class (over 650cc street legal).

Anyway here's the video. not very exciting, but worth a watch..

click it up to 1080p and turn the sound up if you like to hear a V-twin! There will be another in the spring if anyone wants to join in the fun!

Re: Another Georgia USA hare scramble.. :)

Posted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 12:39 am
by TwoSEs
Great job Speedy! Fuddy here from over on the Adv side. Is this where you used the Teraflex and the new shock? Awesome job. 2 hrs on the big girl would wear anyone out! I just did a 2.5 hr Ironman on my 500 and I was wasted at the end and for the next day. I want to take the SE out like you did but I'll need to modify it up a little first and pull the fairing off it. Anyway, great job. loved it!

Re: Another Georgia USA hare scramble.. :)

Posted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:02 pm
by SpeedyR
yes I had one or two rides on the terra flex at a local trail but this was a bit harder trail (i.e. hardpack, not more technically difficult). the tire wanted to spin a lot more. given the lack of moisture in the soil, I would have been better off with something with smaller lugs for better grip/drive, as it was I had to watch the throttle a lot more of it would just spin and fishtail. :(

the rear shock had been rebuilt so just fresh fluid and nitrogen. the last couple of rides I was getting a loud "clunk" and I didn't realize it but no dampening, just riding around on the spring. The jumps were much much better. :)

Just get out and ride the SE in a race. it's stupid fun. I have a tagged 450XC but I enjoy riding the 950 as much on single track as I do the 450. I can go faster on the 450 no doubt but it's fun to muscle the big boy around and the looks you get are priceless. :lol:

where are you located? if you are in the SE, we will have a group ride next May, but I'm sure Paul will have another hare scramble in the near future, I want to get at least 3 or 4 out there racing. I know of two others who are game if the timing is right.

Re: Another Georgia USA hare scramble.. :)

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2014 1:47 am
by TwoSEs
I'm in Southern Arizona. The Scrambles here don't have a big bike class. You get lumped in with smokers and 450/500s. I took my 500 to the last Ironman race and it was 2.5 hrs. I was wasted tired, can't imagine if I had the SE there as there were two very technical washes that was hard enough to get through on the 500, very very deep beach sand in one for about a 1/2 mile and it was narrow. BUT, I do plan on taking the SE in the final race of the season in Dec or the first race of spring. Want to do it with the big bike when the temps are cool out here.

I put a call out over on the Adv forum about an annual global SE ride and it got some interest, about 38 SEs thus far in 10 states plus 3 other countries. I'm trying to find someone that knows David Knight to see if his schedule is open and if he has access to an SE on that weekend in May to get a ride in and take a picture. After all, we're basically celebrating the SE debut and his Erzberg victory at the same time. It's been quiet on the Adv thread thus far from folks across the pond, but plenty of time to jump on board and plan something. There so many hard core riders over there it should be a blast.

Cheers and looking forward to the next vid. I'll be sure to post up as well when I do mine.