Alternative fluid for Magura mineral oil clutch

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Alternative fluid for Magura mineral oil clutch

Post by Ed-950SER Erzberg » Sat Oct 20, 2018 2:08 am

I know, the Magura clutch hydraulics which specify mineral oil are supposed to use "Magura Blood".

But the Magura fluid can be hard to find and it is also absurdly expensive for a small amount.

Below is a link which shows an alternative which is easy to find anywhere there are garages which repair Audi / BMW / Mercedes / VW cars, and it will work in clutch hydraulics which don't specify brake fluid :

The Pentosin CHF 11 is synthetic and has a low viscosity and good temperature stability, so the clutch hydraulics will work nicely even at lower temperatures. One liter is more than most KTM owners will need in a lifetime of maintaining bikes, but a liter of Pentosin CHF 11 is an outright bargain in terms of cost per cc compared to the Magura fluid.

I've used CHF 11 for years on numerous KTMs, and it has worked well with no issues whatsoever. The CHF bit stands for "central hydraulic fluid", by the way.

Baby oil as sold in a pharmacy ( I think the term is chemist in the UK ) will work in an emergency but is typically of a higher viscosity than is ideal. But it will get you home. Fork oil will also work. The main thing is to be certain brake fluid is NOT used, because the materials used in the Magura master and slave cylinders that specify use of mineral oil will be damaged by brake fluid.

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