top yoke/steering damper options

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top yoke/steering damper options

Post by loz » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:35 am

hi,what are the top yoke/steering damper options,i know about scotts any others?


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Re: top yoke/steering damper options

Post by Wilso » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:42 am

I use the fantastic MSC / RalleMoto damper

Family firm in Australia, there is a re-seller in Germany. Dead easy to fit and works well.

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Re: top yoke/steering damper options

Post by Alon » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:54 pm

Multidoc uses that one as well - I've heard very good things but there are a few options:
1- this MSC rallyemoto option which cleverly avoids having to change out the top yoke
2- the EMIG top and bottom yokes with their damper (bottom yoke not required but it is beautiful)
3- BRP / Scotts top yoke that uses the Scotts damper
4- using KTM small bike (say 250-530) cast or forged top and bottom yokes in your choice of offsets from 18-22mm plus some being adjustable. These WILL fit the SE but a few things need to get sorted out:
- you must remove and install the SE steering tube as it is longer than the small bike steering tubes
- you must devise a way to mount your ignition key barrel and I have not figured out a way to retain the steering lock very easily when doing this
- you must use the small bike four-bolt handlebar mounts
- you will need to devise a way to mount the headlight assembly as it uses two bolts that currently thread into bosses on the SE top yoke (not a big deal to accomplish)
- you will use the Scotts steering tube pin mount for the Scotts damper

So why would anyone want to do #4?
- there is a plethora of small bike top and bottom yokes available, both OEM and aftermarket plus an endless sea of used ones around and depending on which ones you get, you can choose to change your yoke offset for fine tuning the bike's characteristics
- the four bolt handlebar clamping is not rubber dampened so you can eliminate that slop in the bars
- the four bolt yoke pattern means you can choose any steering damper mounts from cheap and simple Scotts mounts to the KTM GPR dampers with built in handlebar clamps
- there is an endless sea of handlebar risers available in the popular and common KTM four bolt pattern
- You can get the bottom yoke from a 2013 and up small bike to be able to use the better and stronger two-bolt front fender choices from any of the small bikes
- who cares about the steering lock anyhow? It's utterly useless in preventing your bike from getting nicked by thieving bastard cunts
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