Mitas E09 tyres

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Re: Mitas E09 tyres

Post by bigkuri » Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:03 am

Really!? I've heard of heat cycles, usually associated that with sticky road rubber and getting the factory sealant off the tyre surface. How does it work on knobblies?
May make perfect sense, as it was winter/snowing when I tried the E09s.
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Re: Mitas E09 tyres

Post by SE Rob » Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:27 pm

An update - the front E09 turned out to be the scariest tyre ever on the road in the wet(except the Mich Desert)- couldn't wait to take it off. Always felt it was about to let go. OK in dry.

The rear wore well but once part worn became dismal in sloppy conditions.

Having always liked the MT21 front, I replaced the rear E09 with a MT21 140. This has worked well, better than anything other than a full endure tyre. Was good in varied Welsh conditions and on typical Southern England chalk and clay.
Wear rate was acceptable and survived a 500 mile road/motorway weekend (without throwing any knobs) at speeds up to 85mph.

It's half worn after about 1500miles and I've just put a brand new MT21 on as we're off to Portugal on Saturday. I'll update on it's performance afterward.

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