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Re: New guy, new bike, new country

Post by MultiDoc » Sun May 29, 2016 4:50 pm

Guys I'm terribly sorry, just saw your replies to this thread :(
I have huge troubles accessing the SE forum for some unknown to me reason.... I get a gazillion of SQL errors from safari every time I click on any link anywhere in here and it's frustrating.

Anyway, I know it's too late but here's a quick update. I'm still not moved in my own place in London, after a few last minute changes, I finally got one up north, a ticking ton, has a private/closed garage too. Will be moving in probably tomorrow if I can make it (will need to rent a car for the move just for the day, and being a holiday I don't know how this works out in UK).
As for the bike, bigkuri was unlucky enough to meet me a couple days ago at the workshop :lol: I think I scared him off by my huge built... The bike seemed tiny compared to me standi on its side :mrgreen: . Unfortunately the parts for the repair aren't in yet so I guess end of next week will ready.
In the meantime I'm sorting out all kind of gremlins with moving, with gear etc so I think that as soon as I pick up the bike I'll be up for any meet ups and ride outs.
I did indeed wanted very much to join this weekend in the Wales adv, but as you know I couldn't make it with no bike. I messaged Moly about the next one (end of June isn't it?) and hopefully will be ok.
In the meantime I'm also trying my best to bust my best friends balls and convince him to ride down to Greece with his old Honda and ride back up with his SE so we'lol be having one more around to ride with :D
By the way, anyone can advise me on how to get rid of the SQL errors here ? I'm using safari on an iPad mini if that counts.

Please do let me know of any meet ups or rides and I'll jump on.

Thanks once more for your warm welcome and the help already received was really appreciated. Looking forward to get together.

KTM 950 SE
Ducati 999rsr

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