Optimate Tecmate battery charger BAD experience

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Ed-950SER Erzberg
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Optimate Tecmate battery charger BAD experience

Post by Ed-950SER Erzberg » Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:29 am

What I write below applies to Optimate Tecmate battery chargers in the North American market, which is the US and Canada for the most part.

( I deleted the first post I wrote which I think was too long for most people to read, and replaced it with this post )

The warranty procedure I encountered for the battery charger I bought from the above company was the most hassle I have ever encountered in a LIFETIME of buying products from companies. I've never had any other company insist I jump through so many hoops just to get a warranty on a defective product.

At the insistence of the company, I sent them a video of the charger not working ; that video was proof positive the charger was not working. I asked them why couldn't they just send me a replacement product and they refused and insisted I HAD to send the defective charger to them in order to get a working charger. To do that, shipping from the US ( where I live ) to Canada ( where the charger company keeps the stuff it sells ) would have been required and Customs would be involved in both directions. The process of sending the charger, etc. would have taken a lot of time, but what I needed was a charger that worked, ASAP.

Because I urgently needed a working charger I bought a new charger ( NOT the same brand ) from a local company which will give me a new charger immediately if the charger they sold me fails. I should have done this in the first place, and I have learned a lesson about dealing with companies which only sell via the internet when warranty assistance might be needed. It's easier and quicker to deal with local businesses which will stand behind the products they sell.

Caveat emptor !

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